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Alphan Interview Quotes v 2.0!

February 26, 2013
Interviews from the website of Sarah Brand!

Laurel Estes

“Alpha made me able to take much bigger risks with my stories, and also gave me the tools to much more deliberately and concretely shape the multiple elements of a story, so that they all work together instead of in parallel.”
“The feedback you get from everyone at Alpha is insightful, thoughtful, and extremely helpful. Most importantly, realizing that your fellow Alphans know what you mean, in too many ways to ever list individually, is heartening, freeing, and galvanizing.”

Evelyn Lumish

‘All I could think was “this is how writing should work. Spending ten days with people who shared my interest in writing was the coolest thing I did.””I now have a greater understanding of how to write stories, and I have the greatest support group of alumni in the world.”

“If you love writing speculative fiction, Alpha will be the best experience in the world.”

“Now, after Alpha, the idea of publishing and making a commercial piece that I can submit to a publication or the Dell Awards is a possibility instead of just a dream.”

From the website of Sarah Hollowell!

Madeline Stevens

“Alpha stands head and shoulders above.  The format, the instructors, the peers, and the intensity of a live-in writers’ education combine perfectly.”

“If you require an explanation of an advanced scientific concept, or any historical period, to complete the scene you’re working on, chances are someone in the room can help.”

“Before Alpha, I wrote but didn’t really know anything about getting published.  Now, I know which publishers might take a given story I write, and I have the confidence to send my work to them.  I know contests that take undergraduate fiction, like the annual Dell Awards, which Alphans often sweep.  And through Alpha I’ve made acquaintances and even friends in the business.”

“The greatest benefit that comes from Alpha long-term, though, is Alphans themselves.  It’s an incredible thing, to walk into a room in Pittsburgh and suddenly find yourself amongst people who click with all your strangenesses, and having had that experience, Alphans tend to hold on to it.”

“Personally, I met some of the most amazing people I’ve ever known at Alpha, and have had the privilege of becoming friends with a good number of them.  I don’t think my experience is unusual.”

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